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Business Process Analysis



ObjectiveTo effectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of the existing Business Management Process. Business process activities are assessed as well as the tools that are used to identify, prioritize, plan and schedule, review and measure the effectiveness of work execution.


ApproachOur consultant team takes a participative approach to the Analysis process. We meet with senior management to review the Analysis scope, logistics, and scheduled activities. Our consultants will administer Analysis diagnostics through employee interviews and field observations to clearly understand the work management strengths and challenges that exist today. The duration of our Analysis effort ranges from 4 to 8 weeks depending on complexity, geography, logistics, and the number of employees that needs to be interviewed.


DeliverablesAnalysis findings and recommendations are presented to senior management after the Analysis has been completed.  Findings will include:

  • A business process benchmark analysis for the operation assessed

  • Interview Findings – An Overview

  • Field Observations – An Overview

  • Path Forward and Next Steps

  • Business Case (ROI)

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