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Oil Well Operator Training

ObjectivePrepare inexperienced employees to become safe and productive well operators.


ApproachOur trainers work closely with the client’s management team on the following:

  • Design of all training materials relevant to the specific surface equipment currently being used on their production sites

  • Incorporation of client’s safety and environmental compliance requirements

  • Development of training process and facilities convenient to production areas

  • A phased training approach that allows novices to learn and practice new skills in a step-by-step process: basic well orientation and understanding of the surface equipment operation (i.e., start up and shut down procedures), well optimization procedures, and in surface equipment instrumentation training and repair

  • Training by certified equipment instrumentation personnel, scheduled to allow for trainees production schedules, including hands on training sessions


DeliverablesNew employees trained in the following:

  • Orientation on the functions of all equipment from the well head (including free flowing and artificial lift) to the tanks and pipelines

  • Specific training on surface equipment including: pump jack, separator, heater-treater, free water knockout, generators and storage. Dependent on client needs, training can be:

Basic operation for each piece of equipment:

  • Safety and environmental hazards, procedures and precautions (including PPE)

  • Procedures for starting up and shutting down equipment


Advanced operation:

  • Procedures for optimizing well production

  • Types of production losses and adjusting equipment not operating correctly

Instrumentation training:

  • Troubleshooting equipment not operating correctly

  • Repairing and overhauling valves/ controllers

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