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Supply Chain Management

ObjectiveTo align suppliers, internal operations with customers to insure an efficient flow of materials and products to meet customer demand.


Approach:   All of our consultants have real world experience in managing industrial and commercial work processes and understand the dual pressures of making daily schedules and reducing costs.

  • Purpose driven – focused on measurable business objectives

  • Lean concept training – everyone involved in the target processes are trained in lean concepts and techniques

  • System vs point solutions – True sustainable improvement occurs when solutions are developed with the entire order to cash cycle in view

  • Team driven improvements – cross sectional teams accelerate problem solving

  • Grounded in classic Lean Manufacturing principles

  • Focus our process on performance measurement and continuous improvement elements

  • Initiate successful cultural change early with our Mobilization Process

  • Lay the foundation for sustainable change by teaching your people the principles behind the tools so they can think independently

  • Mobilize high involvement from all levels in both the design and implementation

  • Implement in the work areas and field locations with your people



  • Operating processes aligned to efficiently address customer requirements

  • Sales and Ops planning processes

  • Master scheduling to customer demand

  • Shop floor flow optimization

  • Warehouse layout

  • Storage and retrieval management

  • Demand based inventory management systems

  • Inbound and outbound process standardization

  • Finished goods strategies and implementation

  • Spare parts management

  • Integrated vendor management processes

  • Vendor delivery strategies



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