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Meet The Team


We bring a broad range of business, process, behavioral, managerial, change management and project management skills to our clients. Our professionals have successfully filled corporate management positions as well as consulting roles. They understand the corporate environment and the complexities inherent to it.


This gives us a unique competitive advantage for identifying opportunities, developing solutions and achieving measurable, and sustainable results for our clients.

The Managing Partners


Steve Ballard: Steve is an experienced professional with twenty-five years in operations management and consulting. He started as a maintenance foreman, supervisor and plant foreman in Shell Oil’s sour gas plants in the US and the Middle East. In 1994, Steve became an internal consultant doing process design, training and implementation within 34 regions of Shell’s plant and field operations, maintenance and drilling groups in the US. Steve left Shell for consulting where he has worked successfully as process design lead facilitator and implementation lead in the operations, engineering and maintenance functions of the chemical, utility and aircraft industries. All of his projects have resulted in a measurable return on investment for his clients. His great strength is in establishing high credibility with the operations level particularly in planning and scheduling and problem solving.

Larry Clements: A former president of the Lean practice in the Institute of Industrial Engineering, Larry is a senior project executive with strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Combined with over twenty years experience in manufacturing and engineering environments, he brings both a comprehensive and pragmatic understanding of client needs to a project. Larry has extensive experience in manufacturing management in chemicals, aerospace and automotive environments, both in process management and planning. He has been a leader in process standardization and cycle compression and has published several papers on the subject. He has demonstrated success in project management, productivity improvement and organizational development.


Mike Palm: Certified in change management, maintenance and reliability, project management and a six sigma black belt, Mike is a senior project executive with over thirty years in process design and implementation. Skilled at building credibility and trust at all levels of an organization. He has been a successful manager of both internal and external consulting groups. He has experience in diverse industries including chemicals, health insurance, defense, banking and consumer products. He has a proven track record for achieving significant, measurable results in a wide variety of business functions including new product development and market introduction, engineering, operations, maintenance and support areas.

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