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Lean Manufacturing

ObjectiveTo train organizations on the systematic approach to eliminate waste from operating processes and increase the rate of cash flow from customers.


ApproachAll of our consultants have real world experience in managing industrial and commercial work processes and understand the dual pressures of making daily schedules and reducing costs.

  • Purpose driven – focused on measurable business objectives

  • Lean concept training – everyone involved in the target processes are trained in lean concepts and techniques

  • System vs point solutions – True sustainable improvement occurs when solutions are developed with the entire order to cash cycle in view

  • Team driven improvements – cross sectional teams accelerate problem solving

  • Grounded in classic Lean Manufacturing principles

  • Focus our process on performance measurement and continuous improvement elements

  • Initiate successful cultural change early with our Mobilization Process

  • Lay the foundation for sustainable change by teaching your people the principles behind the tools so they can think independently

  • Mobilize high involvement from all levels in both the design and implementation

  • Implement in the work areas and field locations with your people


DeliverablesOperating processes aligned to efficiently address customer requirements

  • Lean concepts training

  • Value stream map driven solutions

  • 5S organization management

  • Visual management control systems

  • Demand based scheduling

  • Mixed product mode planning

  • Setup and change over cycle reduction

  • Error proofing quality controls

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