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Right Data, Right People...Right Decision

We have seen it time and time again. If you get the right data to the right people at the right time…and show them how to use it…magical things happen.

All our clients have mature, fully implemented, computerized work management systems. They run the full gamut from SAP (assisted with PASTA), Maximo, Oracle, Indus, et al. However, systems, by their nature, are focused on data entry and management versus data interpretation, decision-making, and communication. It is the latter where the “rubber meets the road,” outside the computer. This is the unique area of focus for Convergent Results as we roll up our sleeves and really address, and teach your people how to address, chronic operating problems once and for all.

For example, management always agrees that the workforce should be shifted to help overloaded areas. Management feels they are doing that already. However, where there are no measures, procedures or responsibilities described in their work management process to support that activity, it happens in only the most extreme situations. A basic function of management is underutilized.

Working with the organization, Convergent Results develops the measures and processes, focusing on management actions that happen outside the computer. We train and implement indicator interpretation and potential options, hands-on with line managers in their operation – live…real-time. We show them how to use Pareto analysis and get at root causes. Work cross-functionally. Solve problems based on facts and data. How to anticipate and prepare for upcoming situations. Put out the fire before it starts. And, you wouldn’t believe how much cost improvement can be gained here.

It is truly one of our most satisfying experiences, seeing line management take off with the designed processes based on facts and data. We watch them take down long-standing, stubborn backlogs. Resolve the chronic operating problems, removing employee frustration. Get control where they were reactive before. Free resources to go proactive on reliability issues.


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